Every smile is unique.

Here at Dream Smiles our range of adult orthodontic treatments are designed to give you the smile that you have always dreamed of – on your own timeline. Our team of orthodontists always recommend that you go home following your initial consultation and think long and hard about all the treatment options available to you before you make your final decision. Adult orthodontics is a long-term treatment solution and we want you to feel as relaxed and as comfortable as possible with your decision.

This is exactly why we strive to educate you as best we can on the finer points of any treatment that you receive from us here at Dream Smiles. If you are then satisfied with the amount of information you have received and have had all of your questions answered, we can begin the process of treating you. When deciding on the right option for adult orthodontics, there are a few things to consider and these will be discussed with you at length. We will also fill you in on what to know about adult orthodontics and what benefits they can give you in the future, other than a straighter smile.

Let’s have a look at some of our adult orthodontic treatments and see which the best option for you is!

Incognito Lingual Braces

Incognito lingual braces are one of the most revolutionary developments in adult orthodontic treatments in recent history. They are able to straighten your teeth without anyone even noticing that you are undergoing treatment. This is because they are fixed to the back of your teeth rather than the side that is visible to others. If you are seriously considering adult orthodontic treatment and you need a solution that is the least noticeable, and effective, then Incognito lingual braces could be right for you.

Incognito braces are made from brackets and wires and use the latest state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology. Their low visibility and efficacy means they are an excellent option for patients of any age and will straighten your teeth over time until you have the smile that you have always dreamed of. Of course, every smile is different and that means treatment times will vary from patient to patient, but this will be determined during your treatment.

Clear Braces

One of the things about traditional metal braces that may put some people off the thought of them is their visibility. Traditional braces are still one of the most effective methods of orthodontic treatment and can still provide great results for those who choose to have them fitted. But, clear braces eliminate an element of the blatant visibility of traditional braces by providing a more discreet mixture of clear brackets and fixed wires. This means that you get all of the benefits of traditional braces with far less chance of them being noticed by others.

Clear braces work by placing a gentle pressure on your teeth. They will guide them into their desired positions over time to give you a healthier, straighter smile. As an adult orthodontic treatment, clear braces combine results with affordability and should absolutely be considered as a solution to crooked teeth and jaw positioning concerns.

Once you have your braces and are on your way to a straight smile you can begin to see the benefits. After your treatment, your teeth will become easier to clean and this means that your dental health will improve as a result.

Are you interested in having a straight, healthy smile? For more information on our adult orthodontic treatments, or to make an appointment with us, please click here.