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Invisalign, available at Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Sunnybank and Morningside is a barely noticeable orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign is the clear and hygienic treatment. It is an alternative for crooked teeth. Unlike traditional braces that use metal brackets and wires. Invisalign uses a series of custom-made, removable aligners. Over time, these move teeth to the desired positions. Invisalign helps to give you a beautiful smile.

Also known as: clear braces, invisible braces, clear retainer, retainer, clear aligner, teeth aligners, invisible teeth aligner.
Desired results: Invisalign is a clear orthodontic solution. It helps to straighten misaligned teeth. Invisalign is removable and acts as an alternative to braces.

Straighten teeth without braces – Invisalign Brisbane

Benefits of Invisalign

  • Virtually invisible– No one will even know you are wearing it.
  • Removable – You can eat, drink, brush and floss normally during treatment.
  • Comfortable– No metal brackets or wires, means reduced mouth irritation and pain.
  • See your future smile before treatment – Using the latest computer technology you can view how your teeth will look, before you even commence treatment.

Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners can be taken out. This allows users to eat and brush their teeth as usual. Invisalign is natural and gentle on your teeth and gums. Unlike veneers and other ‘cosmetic’ treatments.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign works by gently exerting pressure against the teeth. This will move them into place. For two weeks, you will need to wear the Invisalign aligners. We recommend you wear your aligner for around 22 hours a day. Do this everyday of your treatment. This is for the treatment to achieve maximum success.

Each set of aligners are worn for two weeks. After this time, the teeth will have moved into their new positions. The next aligner tray will then be worn to move teeth to the next position. Over time, the Invisalign treatment will straighten the teeth. This is done until your smile reaches optimal function and appearance.

How long does Invisalign take to straighten the teeth?

The treatment length will depend on the severity of your case. Treatment can last anywhere from 6 months to 2-3 years. Most commonly patients will require Invisalign treatment for 12 months.

Is everyone suitable for Invisalign?

Teenagers and adults may be suitable for Invisalign. If your case is severe, Invisalign may not be appropriate for you. During your Invisalign consultation Dr Tan will discuss alternative treatments with you. He will provide advice on which solutions will suit not only your needs, but your budget and lifestyle as well.

How do crooked teeth affect your oral health and overall health?

Find out how having crooked teeth can lead to health problems later on in life. Take a look at the following Invisalign video:

Straight talk about crooked teeth


Invisalign is a barely noticeable orthodontic treatment. Unlike traditional braces that make use of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign uses a series of custom-made, removable aligners. The aligners exert pressure against the teeth, and over time, the aligners move teeth into new positions.

You will need to wear a set of aligners for two weeks before changing to the next set. It is important that you wear your aligners for 22 hours every day. The duration of your treatment will depend on the severity of your case. Treatment can last anytime from six months to two or three years. In most cases, however, patients require Invisalign treatment for around 12 months.

Invisalign is suitable for both teenagers and adults seeking treatment for misaligned teeth, particularly those looking for a discreet option. In very severe cases, Invisalign may not be recommended. At your consultation, we will determine whether Invisalign is the best option for you. If it is not suitable, we will discuss alternatives with you and provide you with advice on the best solution for your particular condition, as well as your lifestyle and budget.

Not only is a straight smile more aesthetically pleasing, but they are also easier to clean and care for! Reducing your risk of dental decay.

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