Tooth Coloured Braces

If you want virtually invisible treatment, tooth coloured braces are the perfect alternative to traditional metal braces.

Tooth coloured fixed brackets appeal to patients for their less obtrusive appearance. These are made from a ceramic material and differ from normal brackets in terms of the superior durability, strength and overall performance throughout the treatment.

The benefits of tooth coloured braces

  • They come off easily at the end of treatment
  • You can wear braces even if you participate in sports
  • An attractive translucent appearance
  • Comfortable design

Fixed braces can be made “totally white” by utilising ceramic brackets, white or tooth coloured arch wires and non-staining ligature wires. This means that your appliance is virtually invisible!

What colour braces make teeth look whiter?

Braces that match the colour of your teeth, or very close to the colour of your teeth, are more likely to make your teeth look whiter. This is because the white of your teeth would contrast starkly with metal braces making any imperfections more noticeable.

One other option is to get colour bands to draw attention away from your teeth and focus attention on brightly coloured bands. Over the last 4 or 5 years this has become quite a popular option for teenagers looking to add some personality to their braces.

In truth braces can’t really improve the colour of your teeth. If you are worried about braces making your teeth look discoloured, the best option may be lingual braces. These braces are placed on the tongue-side of your teeth, making them difficult to be seen.

Tooth coloured braces for virtually invisible treatment

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