A recent survey has found a link between dental health issues and body image

In a recent survey it was determined that the elderly cope more easily with dental health issues because they are less worried about their body image. The survey shows that post-treatment the elderly were faring better partially because they were less concerned with how they looked and more concerned with their health, whereas it seemed younger patients were more worried with their appearance than their health.

Is body image more important than dental hygiene? It has been scientifically proven that poor dental hygiene can lead to diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Bacteria that build up in the teeth and gums can lead to inflammation which impedes the body to fight infections and in some cases prevents the body naturally being able to use insulin.

If you are worried about your image, at Dream Smiles Orthodontics we have the solution…

At Dream Smiles in Brisbane we have a range of clear orthodontic treatments that will enable you to fix your teeth without anyone noticing. These range from clear braces (which are tooth coloured), Incognito Lingual Aligners (which are fitted to the back of your teeth) as well as Removable Appliances for early intervention.

Here at Dream Smiles we are just as interested in patient education as we are in providing you with the best individualised orthodontic treatment.

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