Sometimes Mother Nature’s attempt at solving dental issues does not give the best results…

Patient C came to Dream Smiles in Brisbane with a deep bite with irregular front teeth. Often, when the upper jaw is larger than the lower jaw, nature tends to compensate by lengthening the bottom jaw and bending back the upper front teeth in order to properly reach the lower teeth.


As a result of this, the lower front teeth become almost invisible when smiling, since the upper teeth shifted to its ‘ideal’ position, the bottom teeth struggled to keep up.


In order to solve this, we used rubber bands to bring the lower teeth forward to meet the upper front teeth, rather than bending the upper teeth back to reach the lower teeth. The angulation of the upper teeth is much more significant in producing an aesthetically pleasing smile than doing the same to the lower front teeth.


The lower teeth merely fit into whatever the best position of the upper teeth is to produce a beautiful smile, which we were able to achieve for patient C.


The main message: The upper teeth determine the aesthetics of your smile, if it’s too backward, it produces an aged look, and front teeth that are too far forward are generally labelled as ‘buck teeth’.

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile due to how your teeth or jaws are positioned, please call our Brisbane orthodontics practice in order to discuss your options.

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