Our dental team has been working hard to help one of our patients be able to eat, speak and chew properly…

At Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Brisbane, we have been working hard straightening teeth and as a result – changing lives. One of our patients, Patient A, came to us concerned that she wasn’t able to eat or speak properly, due to the misalignment of her jaw. The severe jaw misalignment meant Patient A could not perform the basic fundamentals of life, with no chance of using her upper jaw to bite food or speak clearly.


From the images below, it may seem that the photos are upside-down, however this is not the case. Unfortunately, Patient A’s jaw was so misaligned that it impacted her daily life, and after a comprehensive consultation, our dental professionals at Dream Smiles Orthodontics knew Patient A’s case would require a surgical and orthodontic approach.


Combining treatments to gain the best possible outcome…

The approach involved surgery to advance the upper jaw and minimise the lower jaw by cutting back its size. Before this could be conducted, however, our experienced orthodontists knew Patient A’s teeth would need to be aligned in the appropriate manner, using conventional orthodontic treatment to achieve this.


It is important to note that teeth always look the worst just prior to surgery. After Patient A’s surgery, her facial proportion looked much more balanced and the upper dental arch now overlaps the lower teeth, instead of the opposite. By utilising a blend of orthodontic treatment in the form of conventional braces, and by combining this treatment with a surgical solution, we were able to help Patient A not only gain a beautiful, healthy smile, but also a smile that means she can speak and eat with confidence.

Post-surgical orthodontic treatment normally involves fine-tuning the bite and is usually completed in 4-5 months. At Dream Smiles Orthodontics we see cases like this one that are simply beyond the realm of orthodontics alone. By combining jaw surgery and orthodontics, our expert orthodontics can help you transform not only the health of your mouth, but also the entire look of your face for a more functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing jawline.

Patient A - After

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