Malocclusions can often be difficult to treat, however this unique situation allowed for a seamless and easy solution…

Patient D came to Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Brisbane with a crossbite that had caused extra space to occur between the teeth. When this generalised spacing occurs between teeth, it is usually a common indicator that the teeth are in fact too small for the jaw.

Patient D - Before

When generalised spaces occur, it is rare that any teeth require extraction in order to allow for proper alignment in cases such as these. Patient D’s lower jaw was actually larger than the upper jaw, which caused malocclusion and crossing of the teeth (where the incisors overlap with the upper front teeth); known as a crossbite.


The gaps between the teeth gave our orthodontist much leeway in treating Patient D, and decided that orthodontic treatment with rubber bands would give excellent results, as seen below.

Patient D - After

We are happy to say that Patient D was very happy with their results. We are always striving to provide the best service possible and are proud to help our patients gain results that exceed their expectations.


Our main message: If there are multiple gaps between teeth, it usually means you do not need to have any teeth extracted in order to undergo effective orthodontic treatment. If you are advised that teeth will need to be removed, first seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified medical health practitioner.

If you are unhappy with the look of your smile due to how your teeth or jaws are positioned, please call our Brisbane orthodontics practice in order to discuss your options.

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