Imagine – a virtually invisible and removable orthodontic system!

Are you searching for an orthodontic treatment that allows you to live the way you want with no obstructive wires or brackets? At Dream Smiles Orthodontics we have your solution… ClearPath Aligners!

Similar to Invisalign, the ClearPath Aligners utilise new and advanced aligners which slowly shift your teeth into their correct positioning. Aesthetically pleasing and removable, ClearPath Aligners means you can eat, drink, talk and laugh with confidence.

Why traditional braces are on their way out…

  • Unsightly – Traditional orthodontic treatments are highly noticeable, and many adults associate these with an awkward, adolescent appearance. These braces can trap food, and can also result in permanent discolouration- further tainting your physical appearance.
  • Uncomfortable – The metal wires and brackets of traditional orthodontic treatment can irritate the soft tissues of the mouth. The regular tightening appointments associated with this treatment can also cause discomfort.
  • Poor oral hygiene – Metal braces can make it more difficult to brush and floss, which can lead to tooth decay and gum damage.
  • Root resorption – The intense amount of force used in this treatment can create a shortening of tooth roots (or root resorption).

Why ClearPath Aligners are the preferred choice…

  • Transparent – The ClearPath aligners are virtually invisible so no know has to know you are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • Removable – Your aligners can be removed for photographs and special occasions. Eat your favourite sticky or crunchy foods and maintain proper oral hygiene with this removable system.
  • Comfortable – The clear aligners are smooth so they will not irritate your oral tissue, gums or tongue.
  • Predictable results – Using advanced imaging technology we can illustrate the type of results you can achieve before you have even commenced treatment.

Start your straight-teeth journey today with us at Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Brisbane, where we endeavour to provide our patients with only the best in terms of high quality and effective treatment and care.

For more information on ClearPath Aligners or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us.