According to Japanese fan girls, it is!

Young women all over Japan have been visiting the dentist in droves to have them un-straighten their teeth! The craze came after a young Japanese pop idol’s crooked teeth sparked a wild fandom that has seen women asking for crooked veneers places over their beautiful straight teeth!

Crooked is not the new straight!

While young girls in Japan may think so, we at Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Brisbane do not and will not ever think that crooked is the new straight! Straight teeth hold many benefits over crooked teeth which can include:
• A better jaw alignment, meaning no more jaw-related headaches!
• Easier chewing and eating
• Enhanced mouth function
• Easily cleaned and therefore less chance of decay or periodontal disease
• Less chance for damage to enamel
Straight teeth are not only beautiful, they also greatly enhance the health and function of your mouth, and how can that ever go out of fashion?

Our teeth straightening treatments help you achieve your perfect smile…

We understand that crooked teeth, while cool overseas, can be a hindrance and cause for embarrassment. This is why we offer a range of orthodontic treatment so you and your family can enjoy a healthy, straight smile for life. We offer:
• Clear Braces
• Tooth Coloured Braces
• Metal Braces
• Lingual Braces
• Invisalign
• Retainers
• Removable Appliances
• Incognito Lingual Braces
• ClearPath Aligners
Whatever your lifestyle or whatever your preferred choice, we at Dream Smiles Orthodontics are happy to cater to your dental needs!
For more information on our straightening treatments or to book an appointment at our Brisbane orthodontics practice please do not hesitate to contact us.