Losing a tooth can be a traumatic experience, that’s why Dream Smiles is dedicated to helping you restore your perfect smile!


Sometimes your smile can be compromised by accidental injury or tooth decay. When this occurs your perfect smile can seem ruined, however here at Dream Smiles we know that flawless celebrity smile is always in reach no matter what your teeth have gone through.

The loss of an adult tooth is always a traumatic experience no matter what your age. The tooth fairy fun of younger days is no longer as the loss of a tooth can mean a less professional appearance, a loss of self-confidence or an increased possibility of further dental hygiene issues. Luckily here at Dream Smiles in Brisbane we offer emergency dental treatments, specialising in dental implants and cosmetic orthodontics.

The dental implants procedure is a restorative treatment which people take to improve their smile and oral hygiene. The decision for implants is often made when a patient has had an issue which has compromised the aesthetics of their smile. There are two common reasons to get dental implants these are:

Loss of tooth via a deep cavity resulting in severe tooth decay

Tooth decay happens when plaque containing bacteria infects a tooth, resulting in pain and the development of a cavity. In instances where the cavity cannot be sealed with a filling, the tooth will be removed. A dental implant is then inserted to stop the teeth from moving, and to maintain your great smile.

Loss of tooth via a sports or accidental Injury

If you’re unlucky enough to have had an unfortunate meeting with a hockey stick or have severely damaged your teeth during an accident, dental implants are the most logical and stable solution. This procedure of dental implants should be done in an emergency on the day of the occurrence for best results.

The Dental Implant Procedure…

After you’ve had a consultation with one of your dentists at Dream Smiles and we have removed the original teeth (if necessary) you’ll be ready for your dental implants. We will first make sure you are comfortably asleep under anaesthesia so we can insert the biocompatible titanium support into the jaw. In the case of more than one dental implant a bridge will be used to ensure placement. Dental crowns will later be placed on top and you can be on your way to recovery and a better smile!

Can I just leave a gap instead of inserting dental implants?

Without a dental implant your remaining teeth will move, leaving gaps and overlaps which can result in further costs exceeding that of a dental implant. The bone beneath is also strengthened when stimulated by chewing, so without a tooth or dental implant you will experience bone loss which could result in pain and poor oral health.

Do I have to walk around with a titanium screw sticking out of my mouth before I get the crown?

Don’t worry you won’t have to leave the house looking like a pirate! If it’s not possible to put a crown on your dental implant straight away, one of our friendly orthodontists will fix a temporary tooth to ensure you have a dream smile at all aspects of the healing process.

With convenient locations in Morningside and Sunnybank, Brisbane it’s never been so easy to get your dream smile! To discover more about dental implants or our range of dental braces, or to book an appointment at our Brisbane dental practices, please do not hesitate to contact us.