Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you!

The word Orthodontics often brings images of teenage ‘mental mouths’ to mind. However, there are an increasing number of adults undergoing orthodontic treatment to improve the aesthetic and overall health of their teeth. In fact, a study conducted by Harvard University found that adults now make up one fifth of all patients undergoing orthodontic treatment. Your smile can have a tremendous impact on your social and professional life, and a great smile is something that is universally appreciated and never too late to achieve.

I’ve decided I want to fix my teeth, what do I do now?

Your journey towards a dazzling smile is an exciting one, and Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Brisbane will be delighted to help you on the road to beautiful teeth. A referral is not required for orthodontic treatment, so call us to make an appointment and we will be able to assess the current state of your teeth and customise the right course of action for you. Oftentimes the process of orthodontics for adults can be more complex because of pre-existing problems like gum disease, however every patient is different.

What kinds of orthodontic treatments are available for me?

Thanks to new developments in the orthodontic world there are a number of different treatment options available, which means that you no longer have to suffer the bulky and noticeable appearance of metal braces. Some of the options available at Dream Smiles Orthodontics include:

  • Braces: We offer clear and tooth coloured braces which means that you don’t have to put up with noticeable metal wires and brackets throughout your treatment, so you can straighten your teeth without attracting stares.
  • Lingual Braces: This involves the brackets being fixed to the back of the teeth so that you can straighten your teeth whilst they remain entirely invisible to the outside world.
  • Invisalign: Possibly one of the most popular treatments for adults nowadays, Invisalign involves a series of clear aligners that that gradually encourage the teeth into a straighter and more aesthetically pleasing position. The retainers are virtually invisible and are removable making it easier to maintain good oral hygiene through brushing and flossing.
  • ClearPath Aligners: Similar to Invisalign, ClearPath uses a series of transparent aligners to gradually straighten the teeth. Using advanced imaging technology, we can actually illustrate what the eventual result will look like before you even begin your treatment!

Every patient goes through a different orthodontic journey, so in order to determine the time it will take to achieve your beautiful smile and which treatment will be best for your teeth, you can make an appointment with us at Dreams Smiles Orthodontics located in Sunnybank or Morningside clinics. Don’t put off your dream smile any longer!

Contact us for a consultation regarding your teeth today!