Orthodontic treatment doesn’t only resolve overcrowding and misalignment problems.

Approaching orthodontics with a ‘yes we can’ attitude, our team at Dream Smiles Orthodontics in Sunnybank and Morningside work hard to help our fantastic patients achieve the smile they deserve. Your jaw alignment and tooth arrangement can not only affect your appearance but can create a host of functionality problems for you.

If your teeth or bite is not quite right…

Having trouble smiling, speaking clearly or chewing properly?

You could be experiencing one of the following malocclusion (misalignment) problems:

  • Do you have an underbite?

This is where the lower jaw sits out further than the upper jaw. When this happens, it makes the teeth on the bottom of your mouth overlap the top teeth.

Here’s an example of how treatment at Dream Smiles Orthodontics can fix an underbite:

Our lovely patient here was having trouble with eating and speaking. Without having access to the most fundamental functions in life, our patient was keen to get her smile back in action.



Using a surgical approach combined with ceramic braces, we were able to correct her alignment and bite issues and restore functionality to her smile. Find out more about her case here.

  • Do you have a crossbite?

A crossbite is an irregularity where one or more teeth are closer to the cheek or tongue than the adjacent arch. Basically it is a cross misalignment of the upper and lower teeth.

Here’s an example of how treatment at Dream Smiles Orthodontics can fix a cross-bite:

Here we have our fantastic patient D who has suffered from a crossbite that in this case was caused by the teeth being too small for the jaw. Because of the extra room, the teeth are spaced out creating gaps in-between.



The gaps between the teeth allowed us to efficiently treat the patient with rubber bands and orthodontic treatment. Read more about her case here.

  • Do you have buck teeth?

Buck teeth are where the two front teeth project out from the upper jaw. Generally they cover the bottom teeth and in some cases they may protrude out over the bottom lip.

Here’s an example of how treatment at Dream Smiles Orthodontics can resolve buck teeth:

In this case we have patient F who was having trouble with buck teeth and an overbite. Primarily our objective was to first treat the buck teeth and then see if extraction was necessary. With a gap between the two front teeth and a severe overbite, the patient was looking forward to feeling confident about their smile.

buck teeth


Using orthodontic treatment we were able to resolve patient F’s alignment problems without the need for extraction. To find out more about this case, click here.

Don’t let your smile get you down

At Dream Smile Orthodontics our professional team understand that making extreme or even little changes to your smile is something that needs to be thought over. This is why we recommend that our patients take some time to consider their treatment options. Your wellbeing is important in the process of achieving a balanced smile.

To find out more about the different ways we can help you achieve the perfect smile, book a consultation with our Sunnybank or Morningside practice today.